Thursday, June 25, 2009

a few of my favorite things...daphne olive jewelry

At the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts last year, we had the pleasure of being just a couple of booths down from Daphne Olive. Quite honestly, what attracted me to her booth initially was her beautiful daughter, June. She was just Jude’s height and about the same age. They were quite the pair that week…June with her dark curly hair, and Jude with his blonde curly hair. Daphne and I were the nursing mamas on the block.

I usually don’t even look at jewelry because I’m very picky and most jewelry is over the top in my opinion. But Daphne’s jewelry is sublime. I am really drawn to her botanical line. I asked her what this was…

And she said something like “you know one of those weeds that you find in your yard.” I love the way she just finds random things and makes something beautiful out of it…so wabi sabi.

Daphne will be at the CPFA again this year July 9-12 with her beautiful jewelry and beautiful family. We are just 4 booths down from her near the corner of Allen Street and Fairmont Avenue. So if you’re in the neighborhood stop by. She also has a catalog on her website. Take a look. She has some really lovely jewelry!

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