Tuesday, December 7, 2010

so wabi sabi 13 moon calendar

I have compiled a collection of my photographs into a wall calendar that is available for purchase.  But it is not just your regular run-of-the-mill calendar.  This is a 13 moon calendar.  I chose to make a 13 moon calendar because I believe it is helpful to evaluate all the aspect of our lives and our world in terms of whether they serve us well.  The 13 moon calendar system is based on solar and galactical cycles and uses the average 28 day lunar cycle as a way of measuring the time it takes our beautiful planet to travel around the sun.  Because it is based on the natural rhythms of our planet, it is a much more harmonic way to measure time and using it will allow you to align with your own natural rhythms.  It is a tool for raising human consciousness. 

Each calendar is made up of 13 moon cards that include a photo that evoke wabi sabi, the Japanese aesthetic of beauty of what is, and what I like to think of as a feeling of connectedness and wholeness.  The moons are made up 4 weeks that are each 7 days long.  And the calendar includes the days of the moon with the corresponding date from the traditional Gregorian calendar written underneath in smaller print to help with the transition to using the 13 moon calendar system.  The 13 moon calendar is perpetual with the year beginning on July 26th, but you can start using your calendar whenever you wish to bring more harmony and awareness to your life.  Just find the current date according to the Gregorian calendar and start your 13 moon journey.

The 13 moon calendar system is not something I created.  It is a system that has been used by many people for thousands of years.  Sadly, we have gotten away from what is natural in so many ways.  Every conscious choice we can make that is in alignment with nature takes us closer to inner and world peace.  Using a 13 moon calendar is a step towards truth, peace, and harmony. 

Each calendar has two pages explaining a little about the 13 moon calendar system, and since I am selling these at 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace events, it says a little about so wabi sabi.  The size is 4.25in x 11.5in and the pages are bound with a small piece of bamboo twine.  Each calendar is $13 and will come gift-wrapped. 

The money that I raise selling the 13 moon calendars will help me continue my peace walk and work with the 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace.  I greatly appreciate your support!


  1. that is very unique and beautiful. Your photo's are always awesome.

  2. 13 moons for 13 moons. Brilliant! Enjoy your mini hiatus birthday girl.


  3. Beautiful! I don't know anything about the 13 moon calendar; I see each moon card has a title/theme? Where can I learn more about what each moon represents? I have a feeling this will be on my mind until I order one....

  4. Here is a good resource for learning more about the 13 moon calendar:

    thank you peggy, lisa, and liz!

  5. That is gorgeous Elizabeth. What a special piece you have put together.

  6. Wow. What a beautiful piece you put together. You have piqued my interest in being more aware of the moon phases.
    Hope you are well, friend. It has been too long since I've stopped by to say hello.


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