Thursday, June 11, 2009

a few of my favorite things...mike yoder pottery

On Thursdays, I am going to try to share some art from some of my favorite artists. This week, I would like to share Mike Yoder’s pottery from Muddy Run Clayworks.

Years ago, I was looking for a Christmas present for John in a local gift store. I couldn’t decide between a vase that had a tree carved in it or a bowl with the same tree block printed around the outside rim. I was really torn between this choice and went back and forth for quite a while before deciding on the vase. Christmas morning, John and I sat down to open our presents. When he opened the box with the vase he got a peculiar, slightly disappointed look on his face. I was crushed. Then he handed me my gift. It was the bowl! Neither of us had ever seen this potter’s work before and had never been in the store. Each of us thought we had found something the other would be blown away because of its uniqueness. We were and still are.

I love the rustic look and natural earthy colors of Mike’s pottery. And the "tree of life" pieces are still my favorite. Mike and John worked up a deal to trade a complete set of tableware for a yet to be determined piece of furniture. So I am the proud owner of a complete set of tree of life plates, bowls, and mugs. I love that we use these handmade dishes everyday and that each one of them is different and unique. That is the beauty of truly handmade functional art.

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful piece!

    That is so sweet that you & your husband think so much alike :-)


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