Friday, July 3, 2009

opened doors

Over the last week or so, quite a few doors have opened up for us around here. John was featured in this article on Woodworker Journal’s ezine as Today’s Woodworker earlier this week. That was a great boost for him. He has been working like crazy to get ready for our summer shows and this weekend.

This Sunday, John will be doing a demonstration at the Radius gallery in Harrisburg, PA which is located at the state museum of Pennsylvania. It might not turn out to be the best weekend to be doing a demonstration, but we are honored for the opportunity that came when John was selected to be the July’s featured artist at the gallery. He will be demonstrating the bent lamination technique that he uses to construct our curved benches and also the process of making a butterfly inlay.

A few weeks ago we found a great handmade website called TryHandmade and posted a couple of our pieces in their on-line gallery. This week we found another great blog, called Handmade in PA, and made a great connection with the editor, Tara. I’ll be writing a series of posts there on doing shows and may become a regular contributor. Both sites seem like great resources for artists and people who are interested in buying handmade.

And yesterday, we got word that one of our treasure boxes was featured in a treasury on Etsy.

The doors are opening and we are stepping right on through with gratitude...
I’ll try to post some pictures from the demonstration next week, but for now I’m signing off for the weekend. Enjoy yours!


  1. What wonderful news! Can't wait to see images from the demonstration. Happy 4th!

  2. Exciting news! Congratulations!

  3. That is wonderful news...congratulations, and such beautiful woodwork!!


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