Friday, July 17, 2009

take my picture...please

These majestic sycamore trees beckoned me to take their picture every day when I walked up Allen Street in State College. They are so massive and their colors are really beautiful mossy green, tan, soft gray. I don't think the picture captures the color all that well.

The funny thing was when I walking by the tree in the first picture, I could here a boy saying, "take my picture. take my picture. please." He was saying this to his mother, who replied, "I'll take your picture, but not in front of that tree!" So I obliged them both, the boy and the tree.

Everyone's idea of beauty is a little different, a sentiment that is always obvious at an art show, as well as in many spheres of life.

And on a somewhat related but different note...I'm doing a series of articles for handmade in PA on marketing your craft business through shows. The first one is on matching shows to your demographic. It my little effort to give something back for all the help that other artists have given us over the years.

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  1. Beautiful trees! And I just read your article...what great advice! I'll be looking forward to your other installments. This is something that I'd love to do sometime in the future. I realize that this isn't quite the right time for me to start, so I'm soaking up all the info & inspiration I can get in the meantime. Thanks :-)


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