Wednesday, September 9, 2009

blessings...the blue butterfly

I wrote a little bit about blue butterflies a couple of weeks ago when I shared a piece of art that my niece, Carrie, made for us. Blue butterflies always seem to show up when I'm having a rough time of it. And as I shared yesterday, August was rough.

During that very trying time, I really tried to focus on the good things that were happening...and there were a lot. Lots of little reasons to smile, look up, and be thankful.

One of these blessings came in the form of a book that I received from a woman who runs a lovely little bookstore in a nearby town. It was titled the Blue Butterfly. And there was a special bookmark placed inside at this page...

I loved the artwork in this most unusual book, and the story is quite different too.

The loveliness of receiving such a sweet book made me smile knowing the good energy that came with it and the knowledge that there are so many angels here working for the good of others. We all have that opportunity when we get an inspiration to do something for someone else and act on it selflessly. I've been blessed to be on the receiving end on many such gestures. Most of the time, the person doesn't even have clue how profound their act was...they say things like, "oh... I just saw this and thought of you."

And for me, it isn't the gift or the words, that are shared, it's the knowing that their simple act is a reflection of a Great Love made manifest in this world.


  1. I just read your email Elizabeth and your post gave me goosebumps, it certainly is incredible how the universe speaks to us through people, nature, symbols... We have a large blue butterfly encased in plexiglass in our house, it sits on our bookshelf. I will think of you now when I see it and remember peace, and the meaningful things in life. Just beautiful.

  2. I love how things like this find us when we need them most.

  3. Indeed, there are angels among us.


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