Monday, October 12, 2009

week in snapshots

1. millheim mural, 2. morning glory, 3. the magic apple picking basket, 4. this caterpillar ate a lot of swiss chard, 5. purple tree fungus, 6. cider press, 7. orange rose, 8. hayride, 9. jude's hand on my leg, 10. beeswax smells good, 11. this is the logo for the stove shop, 12. beautiful boy, 13. mom's mum

I'm glad I rested up friday, because we had a busy day saturday and sunday turned out to be my turn to be sick in our family. We came close to having our first frost here last night. It is definitely getting chillier and we are currently without a working heater. I expect the first real frost by the end of the week. Fortunately on saturday, we bought a new wood stove to replace our propane stove. Big transition for us, but we are hopeful for an warmer home this winter and more money in our bank account. We were also able to enjoy a hayride, homemade apple cider, and the sweet smell of beeswax this weekend.


  1. I would love to just work with a real wood stove, rather than a all house heater. It just always seems like a waste. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

  2. Isn't fall wonderful? I hope everyone is feeling better.

  3. Linda and I have used wood heat for 30yrs. We love it. It is a lot of work cutting and splitting, but the end results are worth it. Wood stoves actually produce some polution, but the new EPA phase 2 approved stove are much more efficient than the older models.

  4. ahhhh ... beeswax. I love working with beeswax and making beeswax candles. And that combined with apple cider. Mmmmm .... doubly nice. The stove sounds wonderful - we need to buy a new fridge and I am looking at smaller models to encourage me to buy my food fresh and for a specific meal to cut down on waste, and smaller so that it uses less energy - every little bit we can save counts huh. :-) Hope your feeling better. p.s. thanks for the link to the art website - we've printed out a couple and are looking forward to framing and hanging them!


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