Sunday, January 24, 2010

moment of mindfulness...sprouts

The same day we planted those small spruce tree seeds last week, we sowed a mix of seeds for microgreens.  Microgreens are really just regular green (as in lettuce, beets, cabbage, radish, etc.) seeds that you grow in a soil medium until they reach about 2 inches.  They are really good in sandwiches or as a garnish on soups.

I went upstairs after I wrote the small seeds post last week and saw that the greens had started to sprout...a little sign for me...prayer received and processing.  Then, I spent the rest of the week being truly inspired by all the projects that were sprouting up all over the place to support the people of Haiti.  My list of seeds that I was watering grew....

Craft Hope for Haiti
Earthmama's Walking Meditation
All Buttoned Up's Plea for Haitian Orphans
Shivaya Natural's Etsy Shop 
Indie Fixx's Silent Auction
Our Hearts Go Out to Haiti Fortune Cookie Sale
Green Acre's Heart to Heart Care Kits
Awake is Good's Meditation for Haiti (towards bottom)
Through the Eyes of a Yak's Hearts for Haiti Project

And I continued to find reasons to be inspired. I've kept Haiti in my heart and on my mind. I've been trying to discover more ways to help. I missed the deadline for Craft Hope for Haiti's shop, but I decided not to let that stop me. I will be adding some valentine cards to our shop this week, and 100% of the proceeds will go to Faith Hope Love Infant Rescue that is run by two American women in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. My niece, Katie, went there 2 years ago on a mission trip to help this orphanage and produced this video to document their experience. Keep in mind that the photos for this video were taken 2 years ago before the earthquake.

My hope and prayers are that Haiti will finally get the help that they needed all along...that a new Haiti will emerge that can support its people, especially its children. They have all suffered enough.

'Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has
been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed
there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.' ~Henry David Thoreau

Please let me know if you have or know of a great project that someone started to support Haiti.



  1. Hmmm. There are so many great projects popping up all over the web. I am totally overwhelmed by them!! I would love to donate some clothes to this orphanage. Do you know of they need anything like that?

  2. Great thoughts as always...I do believe that Haiti will receive the help that they have long-needed.

    Thanks for the shout-out on the Fortune Cookies! ;)

  3. Thanks for the shout out. As a family with our budget we were able to put together 6 kits this weekend. I am hoping to do another 6 next weekend.

  4. yes yes yes. you are so beautiful.

  5. What a great trip your niece went on. The video really connects us to some of the people in Haiti. Wondering how they are ...where they are...thanks for sharing.


  6. Beautiful thoughts. Thanks for sharing. I'll hope with you on the help Haiti has always needed.

  7. We have a few friends that have adopted from Haiti, we support a missionary family there. The are in the trenches right now.We just keep praying. Your nieces experience was wonderful, thanks for sharing. And I love sprouts on my sandwiches!

  8. i didn't know this about microgreens!

  9. Oh! Your sister's video made me cry!

  10. you are so wonderful to offer 100% of your valentines proceeds to Haiti. I's amazing, the outpouring of kindness that's within this community.
    ...and microgreens! yum :)

  11. Such a beautiful post, as always. I have been holding a lot of faith for Haiti as well, and I appreciate the list that you have put together to help us find ways to contribute.

  12. I'd love if you could share more on the microgreens!!! the most common way we sprout is with a jar in our home, however I have good batches and compost batches - it was my 'one small change' focus for the month, and lets just say it didn't 'sprout' so well, and I changed habits half way through them I'd love to know more about sprouting them in soil!
    thank-you for another thought filled, heart filled post.

  13. That is a truly beautiful Thoreau quote.

  14. Your words and links are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.


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