Monday, January 11, 2010

wabi sabi moments...shadows and prints

tip-toeing through my black and white tendencies
to look for narrow passages between
that are not gray
but full of color and light

then moments after I wrote the above, I got this response...

"Out beyond the ideas of the final way
and the only way there is a dreamy field.
I'll meet you there."~Rumi

see the complete wabi sabi moments collection over at flickr
I promise more color next week (she says with a smile and a wink)


  1. BINGO! That quote is my confirmation. How great this world has been working this past week.


  2. so beautiful, Elizabeth.

  3. I love that verse. Beautiful thought. :)

  4. I think you'll find those narrow passages.

  5. such a peaceful and inspiring shot. thanks for posting

  6. So beautiful. Thank you so much for always bringing scuh beautifl words together

  7. Finding the color and light....that is the trick.

  8. I love the simplicity of the shot!

  9. that feels like what i've been wondering about all day today. the way that i know is possible, that i know i've touched, and where is it, though? thank you miss wabisabi. sometimes the bloggin community feels so connected to me it's hard to believe we communicate through computers. i am sure our hearts are connecting too, now.

  10. beautiful. you know, i only recently read the meaning of wabi sabi (and i see it on your sidebar now) and it is such a beautiful description for how i would like to move through my life. what a fabulous blog name.
    and it makes me want sushi with plenty of wasabi and as far as i am concerned, one can't go wrong with sushi and wasabi. :)

  11. I think we meet in that dreamy field often. Frequently simply because of something you have shared!

  12. These words captured the exact way I've been feeling with all of this snow. In search of color. For now the color lives within and on my knitting needles. Thank you for sharing your dreamy field with us. Your words inspire me. Blessings~


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