Monday, April 5, 2010

what a great day...

Our easter tree and jude's easter basket with some vintage easter postcards.  
The basket was actually made by a client and given to us as a thank you gift 
for a jewelry box that John made.  

Jude's easter basket filled with two little felted eggs and little critters, a small bowl, and some seeds.  Thanks to rhythm of the home and Nicole for the inspiration for the eggs and peeps.

Jude loved taking the animals in and out of the eggs and playing hide and seek with them.

Counting eggs in the basket.

I most appreciate the reminder to expect miracles that easter offers each of us.

I hope that your day was blessed!


For the benefit of family...a few more easter photos here.


We took a look at the fleeting nature of our blessings at threading light today...come pick up the needle and share your own insights.

I am going to be on a computer fast for a few days and maybe longer if it feels right.  
love, blessings, and gratitude~


  1. Looks like a wonderful Easter! Those peeps are so tiny and cute. :)

  2. That's the prettiest Easter basket I've ever seen!

  3. It looks like a beautiful day Elizabeth! : )
    There certainly are such miracles to be found!

  4. love your woolies! so beautiful! i love the chicks in the egg!!!

  5. love those eggs and peeps. I had grand plans of trying that project but never got to it. And the forsythia branches are such a great sign of the times :)

  6. I love the eggs and peeps. Everything looks so spring like. Our Forsythia bushes are really blooming and very huge. They are so beautiful. Enjoy your time with your family and self.

  7. What a perfect Easter basket. Thank you for sharing your felted egg pictures with us, it is great to see this project created.

  8. Animals *inside* the eggs (instead of sugar, which we found plenty of here)- how fun!

    I hope your computer fast has been enjoyable.

  9. What a beautiful basket full of special Easter treasures for your little one! The photo with the Easter tree and basket together is absolutely lovely! (As are each of the other photos)

    I enjoyed reading your post earlier in the week and was so inspired by the idea of a computer fast. I've thought about this at times throughout the week, and feel like it's something I'd really like to do too! ~Just wanted to write a little note tonight and say thank you for this wonderful inspiration! :0)


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