Thursday, August 12, 2010

homemade... zucchini chips and essene bread

Everyone probably has a bounty of zucchini in their garden right about now...I shredded some up and froze to use in soups this winter.   And sliced some very thinly with a mandoline like cutter I got at the thrift store for $1 to make zucchini chips.  I mixed the sliced zucchini with herbs and placed them in the food dehydrator for a day and ended up with delicious veggie chips that Jude and I both really love.

I've been wanting to make essene bread for quite a while.  I finally did, and it is so easy.  I just soaked my whole grains overnight.  I used Kamut, an ancient relative of wheat, but you can use other whole grains that you can sprout.  After I soaked the grains I sprouted them by draining and rinsing the grains and setting them in the jar at a 45 degree angle out of the sun.  I rinsed and drained 2 more times until the tails were about as long as the grain.  I dumped the grains into the food processor and processed until they formed a dough.  I spread the dough out on non-stick teflex sheets that I cut to fit my food dehydrator and dehydrated for about 8 hours.  (You could also use the oven on a very low temperature, but you will destroy some enzymes that way.  And I suppose if you live some place really dry you could just put it outside to dehydrate)   The result is really yummy.  The outside is crunchy and the inside is soft and sweet. Good with butter or pesto;)

Here is Jude harvesting basil for fresh pesto...yum!

What are you cooking up these days?


This week at threading light we both ended up writing about how our children inspire us to look for treasures...and how that creates a sense of wonder and great connectedness.  Join us!



  1. What a good idea to make zucchini chips in the food dehydrator...I've never thought of that before. Definitely going to try it this week.
    We've been loving a quinoa black bean salad with fresh raw veggies and pesto on the side.

  2. Hello Elizabeth! I've just discovered 'threading light', and now your blog. Well, I love your blog. I believe I am/try to be a wabi sabi girl all the time! :) I've created my site in this state of mind... I appreciate your vision of life. As a matter of fact I have a similar philosophy, the sacredness and beauty in ordinary places and simple things, I am in total agreement with that!
    All the bets,

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  4. The picture of your son harvesting Basil is beautiful!

  5. Elizabeth, life looks rich and textured with abundance right now! Your garden and the basil look fantastic! Your boy looks so sweet and seems to love the harvesting. My oldest is like that too, it's like a meditation for him to harvest or trim things, though now he moves so much more at age 8, but when he slows down he is very mindful like this.

    Zucchini chips...yum! I really need to find a dehydrator...what type do you use, if I may ask you, and do you love it?


  6. I really would love to get a dehydrator. I have read about how to make a simple solar dehydrator to place outside near the garden, but didn't get to doing that this year. I love that pic of Jude in the garden.


  7. Great idea! I just acquired a dehydrator from my sisters junk pile and haven't even used it yet. The chips sound like a great first-time experiment. Are there any other specifics on how you made them? Know any good resources for dehydrating?

  8. Just make sure you slice them very thinly with a mandoline or some such device. And space them so they are not touching. They will shrink considerably. I don't have any great resources for dehydrating...I just kind of experiment. Let me know if you come across any. I'll be dehydrating tomatoes this week.

  9. hi there.

    oh that sounds sooo good.

  10. Superb! And look at all that basil... summer bliss. Can't wait... Almost spring here!

  11. Zucchini chips sound great. i wonder if I can get my kids to eat them.
    Our climate is so dry here in the southwest, we dehydrate fruit by laying thin slices on screens and leaving out in the sun. I will definitely try the zuke chip recipe.

  12. Wow now those are two wonderful ideas. I was just thinking I need to use my dehydrator to make some kale chips, but I have never thought of zucchini chips. I can't wait to add that to our list.

  13. These look really wonderful Elizabeth, and something new to use all of the zucchini for. Thank you for sharing

  14. Wow, that's a lot of basil! I've always wanted to make sprouted bread, thanks for sharing. And zuke chips? Yum! I am loving all the different way to cook zucchini that I am seeing online.


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