Wednesday, November 10, 2010

piece together peace project: october check in

Wayne had seen us walking about 8 miles away earlier in the day, and felt terrible that he hadn't offered us a ride.  When we passed his home later in the day, he ran out to say how sorry he was and offered us food and water saying, "I haven't got much but what I have is yours."

When I made my piece together peace intention for October, I knew that I was stepping into an opportunity for growth and healing that would be fertile.  My intention was to speak more to 'strangers'.  What was interesting is that even though I made the intention for me to step out and speak more, it was actually others who reached out to me.  

Meeting people from all walks of life and from all parts of the world.

And just as I suspected, there were many opportunities to meet 'others'.  In the month that I have been on the 13 moon walk 4 peace, I have been to an Episcopal Church, an Interfaith Ashram, a Southern Christian Leadership Conference Meeting, and a Unity Church.

Paige stopped on her horse to make sure that I was okay.  Not only was she riding a horse...she was texting;)

I've had so many people stop to ask me if I needed a ride, wave, smile.  I have not had one negative experience while walking, and I've spent many, many hours walking on all sorts of roads.  It has totally changed my view about people.  Most people are genuinely kind and loving and want to help if they can.  And that gives me peace.  

My intention for November is to identify and recognize the divinity in people and to share it with them by letting them know how they are a reflection of the Divine to me.  This will not only help me feel incredibly blessed but hopefully remind others what a blessing they are to the world.  This will be fun!  If you haven't yet joined the piece together peace project...this is the perfect time to hop in and help us generate more peace in our individual lives and witness it radiate out to the world.

Love and blessings~


  1. I love this. What a cool purposeful project.

    After I get a few other things out of my way, I'm going to look into joining you...

  2. This is really nice what you write, Elizabeth. Please do keep writing. Sincerely, Elizabeth

  3. I love what you're doing Elizabeth and am eager to hear more details when your walk is finished.
    Peace to you!

  4. It seems many of us are being called right now to do a bit of focusing on the posative in all people and situations. Our lessons are a true blessing in many ways, despite their outward appearances. Hope to talk to you soon!



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