Monday, November 22, 2010

where i've been...on a rock

here I stand feet firmly planted on this rock

the paths i've taken to get to this point on the
space-time continuum have been long and varied and not exactly smooth

there were times I've taken huge leaps of faith

that felt like I was walking right off the edge of a cliff

yet something always kept me firmly rooted despite the illusion of free falling

  there always seemed to be a way to get through even the toughest times

sacred spots to rest and restore my soul

and a special angel to guide me to a place of deep peace


this was a special hike I did on November 18th,
to celebrate the life of the little blessed one who blessed so many


  1. beautiful words & images, Elizabeth...very inspiring.

  2. So completely beautiful. The pictures, scenery, and words. You are so blessed. Thinking of you and Jude.

    much love, Lisa

  3. Much love, beautiful mama. This is a lovely post- deeply peaceful.

  4. what a beautiful way to celebrate your sweet boy.....

  5. This post rocks! (sorry, could not resist!). This post is lovely. Is one of these photos from Stone Mtn, GA by chance?

  6. Ah, I've come back now after feeling some grief, after reading your post for the first time.... what a journey you have been on. I wonder how close you were to your little one in those close-to-something-other places? The photos looked other-worldly and simply beautiful. Such a gift to both of you to spend time in a place so wondrous.

    I have so much gratitude for all that you do here and all that you share. Many blessings and peace to you right now.

    ~Erin xo

  7. Oh Elizabeth, I didn't know. You've experienced the unimaginable. I am so sorry. Your hope is inspiring!

  8. Oh what an excellent hike and such beautiful reflections! Thank you! :)

  9. Such an exquisite memory walk for a beautiful boy. May your memories be your blessings. Much love to you Elizabeth and the whole Sterling gang. Sending hugs from afar.

  10. Beautiful words, and such interesting, inspiring rocks.

  11. utterly gorgeous images here, elizabeth. your little one, bennett, shares a birthday with my husband. thank you for sharing this.

  12. Oh Elizabeth, there's no proper comment I can make on this one! Such beautiful stone prints to evoke such a beautiful blessed little one. A beauty he was and still is. Sure he did a good job, and still does it: his radiance is still there about you and your family! Blessings to you all,

  13. yes to rocks. and to bennet. and you. and your recent journey that feels so rich. love.

  14. What a beautiful post and a real tribute to you and your strength through suffering. I'm so very sorry for your loss of such a gorgeous little boyxxx


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