Sunday, February 12, 2012

repurposed sweater quilt

well...I figured it was time for my quarterly post 
this is a repurposed sweater quilt that I made for my little guy for Christmas
he loves it
and that makes me love it
he says its full of mama love
and it is


happy 2.12.2012


  1. wow! that is beautiful! and a very worth post. i'm so glad you shared. were those thrifted sweaters or from your personal collection? it's awesome.

  2. thank you...and yes, these were all thrifted sweaters from my personal treasure hunting at local thrift stores. Admittedly, I have been a sweater hoarder...this barely made a dent in the collection.

  3. Hello dear you! Nice to hear from you. I am glad thinking of your son all snuggly in this. Sending you happiness and warmth in the new year!


  4. Gorgeous. The surged seams give it so much more character! Next up-cycled sweater quilt I do - I think I'll borrow your inspiration for surged seams. Nice to visit Elizabeth!

  5. It *is* beautiful! Hoping your incarnation as working, single mother is going well. xo

  6. BEAUTIFUL quilt, and frankly the first of it's kind I've ever seen!!


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