Sunday, March 4, 2012

the joy of raw cacao and goji berry truffles

I made these recently for a raw food gathering, and I wasn't sure how they would go over because I didn't measure anything and loosely followed this recipe for inspiration.  They were so delicious...that no one could eat them without saying "these are really good" including me (their goodness stripped me of all modesty).  I used something I've never used before....coconut crystals.  Coconut crystals are the sap of the coconut tree and they look like sucanat to me.  I rolled each truffle in the coconut crystals and they gave it just that little bit of immediate sweetness that made these truffles really yummy.

All the food at the gathering was delicious and there were many different foods to try.  What I most appreciate about these 'raw' food gatherings is that there is always a cooked dish and that inevitably someone uses ingredients that are cooked in one or two of the dishes.  I love that this group is not rigid but is open to exploring raw food. This has been a recurring theme in my life...not rigid, open to explore.  Goodness in life is found (I think) when we push past our own rigidity and stretch to be more open.  I forget where I found this quote or who deserves credit for it, but its a good one..."Stretch, stretch, stretch to see every perspective, and you will find joy."  


  1. oh, droooool!! I want.

  2. i made raw fudge balls the other day for son's birthday get together at the park. the kiddos (and mothers) really enjoyed them. they are heavenly and oh so healthy.


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