Thursday, June 18, 2009

a few of my favorite things...nancy cleaver calligraphy

Besides being a very dear friend of mine, Nancy Cleaver is a healer, an artist, and humanitarian. In some of her more recent work she combined the latter three of these roles to create her peace mandala series.

More personally, Nancy designed and created my wedding invitations, birth announcements, and a special card that was given at my first son, Bennett’s, celebration of life ceremony. When Bennett was being treated for brain cancer, Nancy faithfully sent little gifts of encouragement in the form of special cards, little books, collages. I have a very special collection of her work. Every year Nancy sends out a special Christmas card that she designs and prints herself. This year’s card featured two of the Peace mandalas. This one was on the front….

And this one was on the inside. These are words by Thich Nhat Hanh from his book Being Peace.

Besides being a master calligrapher, she has a way of allowing letters to shift shapes in order to engage and surprise the viewer and challenge their perspective. A healer of individuals and the world, Nancy’s work benefits us all.

Nancy's work was recently exhibited at Gallery Blu in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She can be reached at her studio in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania called Pensylvania Calligraphy and you can check out the Arts Thrive on 45 website for her contact information or send me an email. She is currently working on a project to fold 1000 peace cranes for the Hiroshima Day Event in August.

"Generate peace and it will regenerate you." ~Notty Bumbo

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