Wednesday, June 17, 2009

nature walk...jack's mountain

On Monday, Jude and I were driving over the mountain behind our house and had the following conversation.
M: I used to walk with you up here when you were smaller but now you are so big.
J: Am I so big now?
M: Do you feel big?
J: I don't think so.

Looking at these pictures it is hard to pretend he isn't big now even if he doesn't feel like it. On a whim I decided we should stop and take a walk on top of my favorite mountain. This is the first time we walked together in this sacred space. Every time before he was fastened to my back in my ergo carrier. So in a very special way, this was an important milestone for us.

We appreciated lots of small things on our walk. Lots and lots of small wild flowers and other small animal life. Walking at Jude's pace gave me a chance to notice a lot of things I would have likely missed if I was up there with Sophie running.

A lovely sea of ferns waved gently to us as we walked down the logging road.

Lichen and moss showing the many shades of green.

This little spring azure let me get close enough to get this shot.

The mountain laurel were blooming spectacularly.

I love the way the buds look like tiny stars.

Jude found a small vernal pool...

enjoyed watching tadpoles....

and touching them.

He found a stick to draw with as he walked down the sandy road.

I didn't know he would walk so far, and I didn't know I could enjoy such a short walk in the woods so much.

The heart of woods beckoned us and we obliged.

I've been really inspired by imagine childhood's nature walks lately. If you go to the blog, click on the nature category on the left. You'll find them there.

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