Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Jude and I finished up our father’s day gift on Monday. Well, Jude had his part done last week, but I had a hard time sitting down long enough to sew it up. We used this tutorial from Amanda Blake Soule’s upcoming book Handmade Home. This was a really easy project and the results are really satisfying. I can see more of these as gifts.

Jude practiced his self portrait before he attempted on the fabric. He is just really getting into drawing lately. It all started with a tree, then a sunflower, and now this. We decided to do a self portrait instead of a portrait of daddy. Jude picked out the thread for the embroidery and since he couldn’t make up his mind about the fabric choice we went with two fabrics for the back and I pieced them together. I happen to know that these are a couple of John’s favorite fabrics, but Jude’s choice was based on the color…green. The boy loves his green! Since I didn’t have ribbon, I made a tab from the batik.

I forgot how nice it is to embroider. I was able to sit outside and take my time. I might attempt some more projects like this lovely little purse in the near future since I can do this outside especially at shows.

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