Monday, June 15, 2009

moment of mindfulness...planting seeds

Seeds keep coming up in my life. I plant them. I hear other people say things like “what kind of seeds are you planting in your life?” I even had to teach a lesson on Johnny Appleseed to children at church this week.

We plant seeds because we expect something to grow. So I’ve been asking myself “what do you want to grow and flourish in your life?”

And, “what kind of changes might be necessary to make that happen?” I had some trouble this spring getting my peas to grow. The seeds just were not sprouting. I finally decided that the seeds were too old. I needed new seeds. For me this illuminated a valuable lesson to let some things from the past go so that new things can emerge, flower, and fruit into something beautiful and delicious.

I find myself being especially mindful of the seeds I plant …not only in my garden, but in my mind, in my language, and in my actions. I have seen the tenacity of a tiny thistle seed and paid the price for creating conditions that allowed that unwanted plant to thrive. I know the same thing can happen with a thought, a habit, a word.

I want to plant seeds of happiness, peace, health, and abundance. I am trying to nurture these seeds by slowing down….by taking the time to clear out my mind….by moving my body to circulate the qi….by connecting with nature…by being generous with what I have.

What kind of seeds are you planting? And how do you nurture them?


  1. i love this post. i am always finding inspiration and lessons in the garden too. they seem to really stick with me too, which shows me that they are truly inspired.... as yours seems to be

  2. I was thinking of this post today when I was (finally) out in the garden after a long rainy week. I want to plant seeds, very similar to your variety; I want to quiet my mind so that I can enjoy the real moments I have each day with my children.

    First, though, I need to finish up on the removal of a few stubborn weeds!


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