Sunday, June 14, 2009

week in snapshots

1. colorful adirondacks creekside, 2. caterpillar and slug, 3. jude and the moth, 4. daisy, 5. japanese maple, 6. woods turtle, 7. strawberries, 8. open heart, 9. jude smells flower, 10. jude smells flower profile, 11. peace, 12. orange fungus

You can click on the links above to see the full size picture.
1. This is a really lovely spot at our neighbor's
2. The gypsy moth caterpillars are out in full force, but in a way they are beautiful despite the destructive nature. This little tree was covered with caterpillars. John swept them off with a broom!
3. Jude looks at this really pretty yellow moth. A minute after I took the picture the moth flew into his face and he screamed like he was being attacked and needed a hug to be consoled.
4. Lazy daisy weeds in my garden with other (hmmm) weeds and artemisia.
5.This is my favorite tree in the world. It's Ms. Lucy's Japanese maple. Ms. Lucy was a dear old lady who lived down the street from us. She took numerous pictures of this tree. I know because she showed them to me. Ms. Lucy is no longer here, but her beloved tree is and now I take pictures of it;) I am entering this in the "it begins with a colour" challenge this week because of the color contrast with all the green but also because of the ruggedness of old tree in the foreground contrasting with the graceful form of the Japanese maple.
6. Jude and I rescued this wood's turtle on a walk. It was walking down the road (not across).
7. Nothing is better for breakfast than fresh local strawberries. They are good for dinner too! I adapted this recipe that my friend Jenn recently posted to make a really delicious salad.
8. This has been a weekend of sinking into my heart. This butternut on the moss was symbolic of that for me...the hard nut shell on the soft moss. I am entering this in the "it begins with a colour" challenge this week.
9. This was too cute. Jude is as enamored with the daisies as I am.
10. I took a whole series of these you can see here.
11. Me being silly with my shadow (my rear isn't really that big...really!)
12. I love the color of this fungus we discovered on a walk this week. I am entering this one in "it begins with a colour" too.

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