Wednesday, July 29, 2009 goodness soup

This is a food tonic that was adapted from Bieler's broth. Dr. Henry Bieler used this vegetable soup to heal his patients and determined that due to the nutritive properties of the ingredients the soup was good for cleansing the liver and other organs. It is simple to make and tastes really yummy. This is one of the few dishes I will eat even if it is out of season, but now that the ingredients are in season and readily available in my garden it is a real treat!

You need a zucchini and a cucumber. I got this lemon cucumber from our CSA. I forgot to take a picture of the zucchini, but I think you know what they look like.

Chop into small cubes.

My celery is still pretty small so I used several stalks. Usually, I would use 3 regular sized stalks so that I have equal parts zucchini, cucumber, and celery.

Place all these into a steamer and cook until they are soft.

While the vegetables are steaming, chop up about a cup of fresh parsley.

Place the parsley into a food processor or a blender with 1 Tablespoon of olive oil.

Cut off about 1-2 inch piece of ginger root.

Peel and cut into small chunks add to the food processor or blender.

Add a 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne to the food processor.

Add the steamed cucumber, zucchini, and celery to the food processor and give it a whirl.
Process or blend until smooth.

Add a bit of salt after transferring to individual bowls. This makes two large servings or 4 small servings.

Cheers to your liver...enjoy!


  1. This looks wonderful...and of course so healthy! I love the way you do your recipes tutorial-style :-)

    We have most of these ingredients in our garden (except the ginger & condiments) so we'll certainly try it. Oh, and we have the same bamboo steamer :-)

  2. What a beautiful post!
    I love all the wood in your kitchen and ginger is a favorite of mine!
    Thanks for sharing this great recipe : )

  3. Hello,

    What a wonderful recipe, thanks so much for sharing it!

    ~ Gabriela ~


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