Friday, July 31, 2009

a few of my favorite things...charm breon pottery

Let me introduce you to a significant part of my life. My mug. I know it seems trivial, but this mug goes with me almost everywhere. I love everything about it. I love the rich earth color. I love the throw marks on the side that are highlighted by glaze. I love the little thumb perch. I love that it is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. This is the ultimate travel mug. It doesn't tip and it keeps tea warm because the shape keeps the heat in better than any other mug I own. I know because I've tested it.

My very good friend, Charm Breon, made this mug. Last summer she gave me my original favorite mug. One day I was coming home from early morning Qigong and toting my empty mug back into the house from the car when Sophie, my weimaraner, bonked her head on it. I heard a crack and my heart just sank. Sure enough, there was a very large crack in the cup. I tried to use other mugs, and I just couldn't do it. My tea actually tasted different. So I used the mug with the crack for 2 months until a large chunk fell out of the side.

My original favorite mug...I was doing a little brown green color study in this shot

You have to be Charm's friend to get one of these perfect I don't have a website to refer you to unfortunately.

Let me tell you a little about Charm. Contrary to the image her name my stir up, she is one tough cookie. She was a professional mountain biker, and we raced together on a road racing team for a few years together (but that was about a lifetime and a half ago). She can outride most men on a bike. She also used to have a Harley. When I saw her a couple of weeks ago at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, I asked her what she was doing these days. She said, "I'm logging." My reply was, "of course you are."

I told Charm about my devotion to the mug she gave me the previous year. She said she would bring me another one. And true to her word, she delivered my new favorite mug on the last day of the show. And my tea has been outstanding ever since! Thanks Charm...personally, I think you should be a potter, but you'll always be one of those women that run with the wolves.


  1. There is nothing like a good mug!

  2. Finally, your mug is getting the national exposure it deserves. I associate this mug so strongly with you. When I see it sitting on the counter at playgroup I get excited because I know it means you're around.

  3. This is the mug you told me about awhile ago!! I am so happy she made such a beautiful replacement for you. My heart would definitely sink if my favorite mug broke.

  4. Hey Beth,
    I can see why you are attached to your mug. It has an earthy, balanced, and soulful look to it. I think your friend Charm would have been great on my recent 216 mile run/relay through the cascades. I made it,but U needed to be tough like Charm.
    Love U Bill

  5. what a great post!!!! thank you so much for this.

    i havce two mugs that i am attached to. one is my comfort mug for when i am sleepy or under the weather or just needing a warm hug. the other is my dreaming mug that i love early in the morning when the house is quiet and i can sit and bask in the infinite potential of the new day.

    so happy to know others are as connected to their mugs as i am!!!!


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