Wednesday, August 26, 2009

homemade...rainbow harvest lunch

Lately, Jude and I have ventured out to the garden in the late morning to harvest what will become our lunch for the day. These are the simplest most satisfying meals to me. And I love that Jude can connect so deeply with the food that is nourishing him. Afterall he helped grow, harvest, and clean some of the vegetables that were used to cook this meal. And it created a beautiful rainbow of colors in his bowl.

Most meals I cook like this start off with some olive oil and chopped onions in my cast iron skillet over medium heat.

Then I throw stuff in that takes a while to cook with a bit of water. In this case, it was some cabbage and green beans from our garden, carrots from our CSA, and corn from a neighboring farm. I boiled some baby beets from the garden in a separate pot.

And when that is almost cooked I throw in any softer beet greens and cover with a lid for a minute or two until the greens have just enough time to wilt. I sliced the cooked beets and added them to the mix.

So, so easy...

And delicious...

Jude agreed!


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