Friday, November 6, 2009

more vintage loveliness

After searching for hand wrought aluminum trays for almost two years, I finally scored with this lovely pine cone tray. It isn't stamped and it does have some scratching, but I love the design and it was $2.50. There were two more. One with a dogwood design and hammer marks, and one with peonies.

A couple of weeks ago, I found these linens. The blue needlepoint on the left is a pillowcase. I love the orange, brown, and green colors in the table runner on the right.

I received this lovely collection of vintage items from my vintage swap partner, Patty Jean. I just loved how magical the swap was. The embroidered butterfly tablecloth is so sweet (how did she know my butterfly connection). She also sent a bundle of vintage buttons that were so unique (a new fascination of mine), a pair of vintage boy's pants (70ish) that fit Jude perfectly, and a sweet little floral printed shirt with the floral print that is so precious. What a lovely experience the swap has been... thanks to Heather for so much fun!

Here is what I sent to Patty Jean...

a little cooking themed set with one of the vintage aprons I found earlier this fall, a cookie cookbook from the late 60s, and a vintage flour bag that seemed to have the perfect colors for the set.

some fabric...admittedly a little on the wild side, but she wrote that orange and pink together was one of her favorite color combinations....a yard of barkcloth, a printed cotton velvet sample, and one of the vintage pillowcases from earlier this fall.

and the day before I sent the package I found this sweet little mushroom ovenware dish so I felt like it was meant for her package as well.

what are your latest thrifting finds?...I'd love to hear.


  1. I love your treasures! That swap sounds like so much fun...maybe I'll get in on one sometime...

    I've been finding lots of wool sweaters lately, in unbelievably good condition; my favorite today, a boiled wool cardigan handmade in Norway for $3, and it fits perfectly!! I do believe I'll be wearing it daily this winter :-)

  2. vintage Pyrex, copper recipe box, stacks of calender towels(from the 60's on), tablecloths, clocks, and vintage Tupperware( in Fall colours!) I just looove the annual Rummage SAle in our town!

  3. Good finds- and both you and your swap partner made out well :)

  4. My thrifting has turned up, well, nada lately. I scored big a bit back with some amazing sheets, some of which recently became pants, but, of late, I just haven't found much. Really, it's just as well; saves me some money and keeps my studio a bit cleaner.

    I love the mushroom dish! So wonderful. And vintage buttons are a great treasure. Looks like the swap was a great success.

  5. Such great items! glad you enjoyed the vintage swap!! I have recently been purchasing mushroom finds from local thrift shops...salt and pepper shakers and cookie jars are my latest!

  6. Hi Elizabeth, I love the sweet embroidered linens! That is something that I collect, I appreciate the time and energy poured forth into each stitch! What a neat mushroom dish! My recent thrifting finds have been vintage embroidered napkins, table runners and childrens books! : )

  7. Hello - I just have to tell you that the photo with the McCall's Cookie cookbook made me gasp - my mom and I made so many cookies from that cookbook! Mom passed away several years ago, and I have no idea where that cookbook ended up. But I have so many good memories of paging through it and asking Mom which ones would be good to try.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful memories this morning!


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