Sunday, December 20, 2009

moment of mindfulness...thread the light

on this solstice eve,tomorrow being the darkest day of the year, these words are going through my head as they have for weeks, a song that has become a mantra...

thread the light,
thread the light,
thread the light,
thread the light,
shine the light,
don't hide the light,
live the light,
and give the light,
seek the light,
and speak the light,
crave the light, and brave the light,
stare the light,
and share the light,
show the light,
and know the light,
raise the light,
and praise the light,
thread the light,
and spread the light.

you can listen to the whole song by glen hansard and marketa irglova here (choose this low)

may your winter be filled with warmth, closeness, and *light*


  1. What beautiful and perfect lyrics for today. Thanks for sharing it! Happy Solstice!


  2. Happy Solstice. What a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Thanks Beth, Very inspiring. Linda and I love your Birthday dress. Linda wants you to shop for her.
    Bill and Linda

  4. Oh, I do so wish that I had read this on the solstice! It is wonderful just the same.


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