Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a birthday and a present...giver unknown

About 6 weeks ago, I found this handmade hand-embroidered dress in an antique store for $4. I slipped in on over my head and was surprised that it actually fit. The dress wasn't finished. The sleeves were not sewed and it wasn't hemmed. I took it along with us to Chicago with the thought that I might be able to finish up the details and wear it even though that meant I'd have to do all the rest by hand. I had it done in time for my birthday, our last full day in Chicago and the last day of the one of a kind show.

I got a lot of compliments on the dress turned tunic (a bit short for this 41 year old;) And it made me feel so grateful for the time and energy that the original seamstress put into the dress.

Whoever you are, I love it. It fits perfectly...and it's just my style;)


  1. Oh that is just lovely! How special to have it finished for such a special day (Happy belated birthday :)). Just gorgeous

  2. Happy Birthday! How nice to give such a gift to yourself!

  3. oh it just beautiful!!! happy (belated) birthday!!!

  4. That is so cool. I love finding gems at the vintage stores. Wear it in good health!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! : )
    It looks beautiful on you, I understand your appreciation for embroidery work. I collect embroidered tablecloths and imagine the handwork that was poured forth into each one. Certainly priceless! How wonderful someones creativity made you so happy on your special day : )

  6. That is a very sweet top! Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday, Elizabeth! Don't you just love the gifts we find and can give to ourselves?


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