Friday, December 4, 2009

not so wabi sabi...greetings from chicago

Since my last two posts were a bit melancholy, I thought you might appreciate some of the glitz from the Chicago One of a Kind Show. In contrast and as a bit of balance to polished metal and flashy lights, we are here for the week creating and sharing a little oasis of peace and connectedness to nature.

And hopefully making enough to continue this dream of ours. This is our third year at this show, and it is HUGE (I wish I knew how to make double caps). I have only walked about a 1/4 of the show so far. And it is so inspiring to be surrounded by so many artists living their dreams and creating from their most passionate heart. Etsy has a big presence here this year. They have a whole section of the show dedicated to etsian artists. And they are having raffles several times a day for etsy shopping sprees.

Because we are staying in a hotel that is connected to the Merchandise Mart, where the show is located, we really don't have to go outside. It is a foreign way to live for us. And I cannot cook...which is really like being transported to some other life, almost another planet for me. If I couldn't go sit in that rocker every now and then and see the beautiful wood from the forest that we are surrounded by at home and breathe, I'd be a little dizzy from it all.

I hope that wherever you are you have a little oasis of peace, a soft place to sit, a reminder to breathe....and a bit of glitz for balance too;)



  1. Wow, that is your own furniture! That is truly amazing. I am not kidding when I say that when I can afford some really special furniture, you are the first people that I am coming to. Wow

  2. Would you ever consider doing an interview for Shivaya's blog?

  3. I'm with Heather - when we have the cash for special furniture, I'm calling you guys!

    We headed to a luminary walk at our local arboretum tonight; I took a few deep breaths of cold night air and a good long look at the stars through the trees just for you tonight! Hope the show goes well!

  4. such beautiful craftsmanship, it is incredible to think of where this furniture came from and the process that brings it to yet another beautiful stage. enjoy your time away, i look forward to your return : )

  5. oh gorgeous, congrats!!! its just stunning!


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