Tuesday, February 2, 2010

handmade...valentine gift inspiration

I am finding myself short on ideas for simple valentine's day gifts...so in hopes of getting my creative juices flowing, I'm going to share a couple from last year and ask you to share some of yours.... 

tissue holder (or even better hankie holder)
this tutorial got me started 
but I liked the look of combining different prints
if I were doing this again this year...
 I would put a few vintage hankies in each one

rosette pin
it ended up with three little pins in the center...
a fabric covered button works nice for the center too
this pomander tutorial shows the technique 
and the pomander is really sweet too!

do you have any sweet little gift ideas to share?  it doesn't have to be a tutorial, just a picture would be great or just a description!  I can't wait to be inspired;)

I love to give little gifts like this to the special women in my life...my mom, other women in my family, and special friends. I always seem to have someone in mind that I would love to make something special for even if it isn't valentine's day.


  1. Hmm...I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's gifting, but I am knitting my hubby a neck warmer (first attempt at cables) and thinking of making the boys stuffed hearts from an old felted sweater, with a tiny pocket into which I could place a love note or something. Who do you make all these lovely things for?

  2. you know - i think its time i made the tissue holders.....everytime i see them i want one! thanks for the link to the tutorial!!

  3. Oh I love the hankie holders ~ thanks for the link!

    I am working on these valentines for DH and DD ...

    Something Special Card + envelope from JCasa*handmade -- tutorial on SewMamaSew.com


    They are surprisingly quick to stitch up and can be made using scraps.

  4. These are great! I don't have my valentine's yet...but will post soon I hope...

  5. i love the idea of putting vintage hankies in the homemade holder, so sweet! i just posted a fabric wreath tutorial, i am thinking of making mini ones for neighbors.

  6. What sweet little holders and the rosette pin is just beautiful. I will look through my files and see what little gifts I can pass onto you. Such a very nice idea to give little gifts.

  7. sweet! oh these would be so perfect for my mom, who does have tissues in her pocket. it also sparks an idea for a little case for hankies for my daughter and me.

  8. I love these tissue holders. I just saw a pattern in Sew What Bags that I wanted to try as well, but we only use cloth hankies, so I wasn't sure if it would work. I think that I will still give it a try, they are just too cute not to

  9. i am wondering about stuffed hearts. mama hearts and baby hearts. a family of hearts. maybe with faces, maybe not. i have a feeling the girls would be into that idea, and be happy to hand sew them all around....mm, i hope to make that happen. not very creative though. that's as good as i can do right now. your little hankie holders are precious. so precious. reminds me of the quote on my calendar for this month....

    all is dancing because of music's light, even a tear. HAFIZ

  10. My sisters would love the tissue holder with vintage hankies in it. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    BTW, I got your email the other day. I've been quite sick and am now starting to feel a bit better. I will email you soon. Just making sure you know I am in no way ignoring you. So excited to have you as a swap partner!


  11. I want to make chai tea mix to give as a small gift on valentines day--I do love those little tissue holders-I made a bunch for gifts a couple of years ago.

  12. yes! recycled hearts! (thanks for commenting on mine)! this one is super cute too: http://autumnanddan.blogspot.com/2010/01/january-was-success.html

  13. That is the sweetest pin! I just came across that website last night, but didn't see the tutorial. Now I have to put it on my list of things to make because it is so cute.



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