Monday, February 1, 2010

threading light

A few of you may remember this post from the winter solstice.  When I wrote this, I had a huge urge to do something more to thread light into this world.  You'll also notice that Earthmama (Lisa) was the first to comment on that post.  It was actually her first visit to so wabi sabi.  A series of communications between us guided us to share a vision and a direction for threading light into this world.  This is just the beginning...

I hope you'll take a look and even pick up the needle yourself!

so much for a morning announcement!  there is obviously still a part of me that unconsciously wants to drag her feet;... I accidentally scheduled this for 8:30pm instead of 8:30am...thankfully, the Universe is not solely dependent upon me;)


  1. Threading the Light looks really interesting. I'll have to follow.

  2. what a beautiful collaboration! i love the way you write - and think - and "see" Have a wonderful day!

  3. a beautiful project elizabeth!
    the banner is incredible xo

  4. Really lovely. More goodness in this space.

  5. elizabeth, your words about slowing down to move forward really spoke to me.


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