Monday, February 22, 2010

wabi sabi moments...parkie's hearth

soaking up warmth 
from this hearth
built by a man
named parkie boop
who I am certain
is playing an accordian
in heaven
for any soul who will 


you can see the complete collection of wabi sabi moments over at flickr


Lately, I've had few words and pictures to share of our wabi sabi life.  Illness last week and travel this week (we will be at the American Craft Council's Baltimore Show all week sharing our wares) will keep me away from this space (and yours) for a while, but you can get a double dose of pictures and words today, if you head over to threading light.   
love, blessings and gratitude~


  1. Such a beautiful spot! Heading over to threading light...

  2. I love, love, love it. The photo, your words, his craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a wonderful space to enjoy. Such warmth, and peace. Safe travels

  4. wishing you well at the acc baltimore show!

  5. Such a lovely hearth and I love the name Parky Boop. How fun! Please have save travels to and from Baltimore. Be well.

  6. What a beautiful hearth---I would love to curl up and knit in front of a fire like that!

  7. beautiful, all of it. i am so sorry you are ill. wishing you well and completely understanding the need for offline space.

  8. we were so sick this past week too. i hope your travels fulfill you in some fun and unexpected ways!!

  9. I love your wabi sabi moments.
    Horray for the ACC! I hope the show brings many new wholesale accts.

  10. What an amazing fire place! Isn't it wonderful knowing who built something that's be around for a good long while?


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