Monday, March 22, 2010

happy spring...coming alive

As the season shifted to spring, there were some little things that made me pretty happy...

crocuses everywhere in bunches, pairs, and purple, white, and lavender

watching robins hopping around the yard looking for worms

watching jude 'fish' in the creek

hearing and looking for large flocks of geese flying overhead as they head north

the clover that sprouted, and grew and grew and grew in the moss terrarium that we made weeks ago

the pheasant that went running behind my house a couple of days ago

making people biscuits for homemade vegetable soup

planting seeds for our garden and in our garden 

the spruce seeds we planted back here finally sprouted
(look closely at the one on the right)
and this one has a lot of significance to me if you go back and take a look

I had a bit more to say about coming alive over at threading light today.
happy spring!!!


  1. I love Spring! Those biscuits are adorable. Happy Spring to you and thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh spring! It almost seems like every footstep holds a new joy and a small miracle.

  3. Isn't it great to see signs of spring. Happy Spring to you.

  4. Those crocuses are amazing. Spring is just making my heart leap this year!


  5. So makes me happy just to look at your pictures!

  6. Looks like some gorgeous moments to remind you of the beauty of the seasons changing. Enjoy, and thank you for sharing

  7. people biscuits that is something we have yet to try.

  8. Loving those biscuits! I can't wait to plant some seeds for my own (first) container garden. Your blog is so inspiring!

  9. I can just feel the sun, hear the river in that picture of Jude. beautiful. And those little clovers, trying to hard to get to the sun! love them. Maybe my girls would eat vegetable soup more readily if I offered up little people biscuits like you did. great idea.

  10. I love the glimpse to open water - it makes me yearn for spring in summer.

    love the biscuits - what great idea!


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