Friday, March 26, 2010

moment of mindfulness...noticing

Mrs. Moon Pulmonaria

It is interesting how things cycle through your life at times.  It is as if there is a message that is trying to be heard.  Mary Oliver is cycling around again in my life this week.  First there was a really lovely post by Gina over at Solstice Letters.  Then, a couple of days later I found myself reading the poem, The Summer Day by MO, in an old journal.  A couple of days after that, Heather at Shivaya Naturals had a wonderful introspective post which included a line from that same poem.  In both poems, Mary Oliver reminds us to pay attention, to take the time to notice, to connect deeply with all of life.

So even though I was really busy yesterday getting ready for our trip to Philadelphia for the Philadelphia Furniture Show, I took the time to notice.  With spring literally bursting forth with life in every direction and color (oh, sweet color) imaginable, there is so much to see.  And Heather is right, it moves so don't want to miss a thing.  But the irony of it all, is that you actually have to slow down to notice anything at all even though it is flying right on by.  

a tiny drop of water in a cluster of sedum leaves

So I headed out to take a few minutes just noticing things.  What a difference it makes in attitude, outlook, and even the way I feel.  And this is when I feel so connected that messages come through clear.  That faint voice is heard.

I was admiring blooming daffodils that are naturalized on our creekbank, when I heard this strange little cry.  It sounded a bit like a kitten, but different.  I turned around toward the sound to look for what I thought must be a baby animal crying for its mother.  Then I saw looking back at me a muskrat.  We looked at each other for a moment, and then he just swam off.  

I like to study the attributes of the animals that I encounter.  I believe the animals we encounter often come with a message.  We can discover the messages by understanding something about the animal and paying attention.  The muskrat is resilient and adaptable and comes to encourage and remind that even seemingly difficult situation can have a positive outcome.  I was grateful that I took the time to notice....this is a message many of us need to hear, especially me.

Have a blessed weekend~


One of the things that I love about going to shows is that I get to meet people like this.


  1. isn't it funny how things keep coming around until we finally take note? sometimes I wonder how many times I've missed so many signs alltogether. I don't even know what a muskrat looks like...but given its attributes, I hope I encounter one!
    good luck at the show!

  2. I hope you have fun this weekend. I can't wait till Sunday!


  3. So well said! And funny how small the world is! We connected through the valentine swap, I've read both posts you mentioned in the 1st paragraph, currently living in philly, and I think I think I ought ti check out the poem now... :)

  4. I am so grateful for the things that keep circling around us until we finally take notice. I am ever striving to slow down enough to take notice the first time...

  5. beautiful post. we are all thinking along similar lines these days. good luck at the show!

  6. I've had these messages this week as well. Spring is taking hold and it wants us to stop and notice and take a moment to be part of it all. Happy Spring Contemplation. good luck at the show this weekend.

  7. I have a special place in my heart my muskrats, unsung superheroes of the underwater world.

    Love hearing what paying attention yielded for you.

  8. Spring is such a magical time.It begs us to stop and take a peek around.

  9. Mmm. The universe in a grain of sand. Thanks!


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