Monday, March 15, 2010

murky waters

and mud, mud, mud.... glorious mud


I was threading light earlier today.


  1. As a kid, dirt and mud were my most favorite thing to play with. Ever. Needless to say, this photo brought back the warmest happiest childhood nostalgia. Thanks Elizabeth!

  2. we have that same truck. love the mud with the bright yellow. and love your new header!
    Which Name?

  3. Yes, children love to play in the mud :)

    I'm glad the card came right on time, to give you a boost!
    A spring card is welcome too...(every card ;)

  4. i love the smell of mud, i can almost smell it here in your photo!
    i grew up playing in our rocky asphalt driveway and was ALWAYS dirty, when my parent came to visit my ceramics studio while i was working on my MFA they had quite a laugh at how familiar i was surrounded by dust.
    mud is so very good for all of us, especially the little ones.

  5. It seems to be muddy almost everywhere lately. :)

  6. oh yes, we've got a bit of that too. ack!

  7. Oh how I love mud :) We dried out a little early this year, so we haven't had out usual play. Perhaps the rains will still come and bring us some fun


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