Wednesday, March 31, 2010

one small change...just in time for march

This is more of a reporting rather than a proposed small change.  I didn't think I was going to have a one small change for march, but I was lying in bed last night and realized that I had made a small change.  I use alkalized water due to some health issues that I have, and it came in plastic gallon jugs.  We have eliminated almost all   much of  (edit note: don't want anyone to think I am some kind of superhero here.....there is more plastic than I really like to admit coming in contact with food that we purchase, but we don't use plastic to cook, store or serve our food) the plastic that comes in contact with foods from our home so I really didn't like the fact that the water I drank was in plastic.  A couple of weeks ago I scrubbed up some glass wine jugs that I got out of our recycling center by dumpster diving (I have a habit of doing that there) and have the water placed into them instead of the plastic.  No more plastic for me.  My husband still gets his water from a local spring in 5 gallon plastic jugs.  I hope one day to find an alternative for that too. 

Encouraged by the fascinating work of  Masaru Emoto I labelled each bottle with the words 'Love and Gratitude'.

***thanks to everyone who made me start thinking just how much plastic is still coming into our home.  I hope to do a post in the near future to share some of the ways we avoid plastic.***


  1. Great idea! I too am fascinated by that book, The Hidden Messages in Water. I got it for my husband, as well as Emoto's audio CD that features music which is supposed to have a positive impact on your body (as we are mostly water.)

    I love your change...I'm working on eliminating plastic from my food stuffs, but I have a long way to go. Any tips in addition to dumpster diving? (he he)

  2. Drinking out of glass is quite nice.
    Good job on the recycling center scores!

    Thanks for your comment today. I am really glad I make you laugh!

  3. I'm going to go label all my water containers right now!

  4. This is a great change. I love Masaru Emoto. Take care.

  5. Dumpster diving, sounds like fun. Especially with those jugs as a score. I'm guessing this might be what the link is about, but I read an article before on how words and symbols make water react. So amazing. How wonderful to be literally drinking love and gratitude. We all need some of that!


  6. I am curious to hear more about hardly having any plastic touching your food. Do you make or farm most of your staples (milk, bread, cheese, etc.)? And how do you store veggies and keep them crisp? I have gone to all cotton produce bags but am still trying to find a way to store the veggies (the crisper drawer and ethylene gas guzzler aren't cutting it).

    Would love it if you were able to share more.


  7. enjoy your blog - congratulations on the changes. it's quite difficult to get around plastic. it's e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.!!!
    many years ago we would purchuse our water from mountain valley.
    they were the only place we could get our water in glass bottles. back then they only offered 5 gallon bottles, and were insanely heavy (why we stopped using them - nearly broke our backs!).
    it looks like they now have a 2 1/2 gallon!!!!
    maybe there is one in your area?
    or possibly you can find the bottles online for your husband? thought this might be helpful -
    take care,

  8. oh, i love emoto's work. i think of it a lot!! his photo of despair, with a bud of hope growing inside is the most powerful image for me.

  9. Dumpster diving? Add that to the woodworking and I think your family and mine would get along wonderfully! Love the reuse idea and the label!

  10. Nice.... I just saw on another blog a family experiment of labeling a jar of rice and then saying the words on the labels (one was loving, one was judging) everyday. The judging jar is molding while the other is not.

    I remember when I first read about Emoto -- I was fascinated but a bit skeptical. Now, having a deeper sense of self awareness, I feel curious and content when I learn/read/see the ideas.


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