Monday, March 29, 2010

web of life

I am always intrigued by the connections we make in life.  This weekend, while we were in Philadelphia, I had the chance to meet up with Lisa, who many of you know is my partner over at threading light.  It was so cool to have my virtual friend transform into a real person and to meet her beautiful children too.  

This week over at threading light we considered the web of life.  Take a look and weave a little light into the post by sharing your own thoughts. 


  1. hey! i've been wondering if you guys had met yet?? i thought you lived sort-of close. how long does it take to for you to get to philly? i love hearing about blogging friends meeting. it makes it so real!

  2. Sweet. I just met my blogging buddy Erin over at Exhale. Return to Center. We shared a meal and enjoyed great conversation. It was so fun! Off to read about the "web of life."

  3. Us mamas are making our own blogging web as well. I love connecting with so many like minds and hearts and peaking into the beautiful lives of other families.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. So nice to meet another conscious mama.

  4. i didn't realize you both were so close to me - i'm in the burbs outside philly! i wanted to let you know that lisa's link is not to her site! have a great day!

  5. Haaa, you had your first meeting with Lisa?
    That's cool!!!

  6. So funny (as in not "funny-ha-ha) I just read a post at Fake Plastic Fish about plastic trash art--I assume that's what that elephant is? Beautiful/heartbreaking.

  7. how wonderful for you both to meet! xo

  8. What a treat for you ladies to meet! I am so thankful for the time you each put into "Threading Light." I look so forward to reading your beautiful entries there each week!


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