Monday, April 26, 2010

wabi sabi newt

this orange newt
reminding me to 
keep my heart
to the earth
to find peace
in the balance


more wabi sabi moments here


we are looking at our reflections over at threading light today
come tell us what you see


thanks to the commenter below who pointed out my misidentification


  1. Wow, an orange salamander!
    Thursday, I go to Hungary for a week.
    There, you see green salamanders!

    Keep your heart to the earth and find peace and balance!!!....I will do that too ;)

  2. oh my goodness my daughter is going to flip when she sees this! We have been hunting for salamanders for weeks now, with no luck.

  3. Oh, yeah, my friend found one in her living room last wasn't orange though!

  4. We call them newts here in new york

  5. Actually I'm from New York and I call them salamanders too :P


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