Thursday, April 22, 2010

one small gratitude for this lovely planet

It seems that my approach to the one small change challenge ended up being me discovering what change came to me during each month.  Here I am on earth day finally getting around to discovering what I changed for April.

Each month, my changes had more to do with changing something that would improve my health.  I have a fundamental believe that if we want to heal the world, or change it for the better, we have to first start with ourselves.  Healing ourselves gives us the energy to affect the people around us in a big way and it ripples out from there.  For me, this means returning to a diet that will nurture healing on all levels.  Which brings me to my April change...

Thanks to Suzanne's Green Smoothie Challenge I am finally giving raw a real try.  I've dabbled in eating a raw diet over the last several months.  But somehow the smoothies are making it really easy this time.  There are two other components to my raw change besides the smoothies.  I am also foraging for some of my food each day.  I already mentioned dandelion here. But since then I've been gathering blossoms and greens for my smoothies.  I've been using redbud blossoms (which is the name of the tree that everyone has been inquiring about), violets,  archangel, plantain, and anise hyssops (this from the garden).  There is something profound that happens when you find these gifts in your own yard.  I am just filled with gratitude and it affects the way my food tastes and the energy it gives me.  The other component has to do with developing new raw recipes...more on that to come.

To recap my changes over the first three months of the challenge...
In January, I explored making fermented foods.  Using mostly handmade fermented veggies, but also giving kombucha brewing a try.  I have now successfully made two batches of kombucha.
In February, my change was more of an intention rather than a change mostly because it isn't a small change. I am now in the process of growing food for my family year round.  This summer I hope to grow most of the produce that my family eats and continue to provide some of the produce we need for fall, winter, and spring.
In March, I started getting my water in glass bottles instead of plastic.

I have really enjoyed this challenge and knowing that I am a small part of something really big that is energetically shifting Earth in a positive direction.  Thanks to Suzy and her family for being inspired, acting on it, and expanding that energy to include us all because whether you participated or not, the change affects you too!

Happy Earth Day!


We shared how nature nurtures us over at threading light this week.  In honor of earth day, pop over and pick up the thread by sharing your own thoughts.


  1. The red buds have been calling to me too this season. I didn't actually know what the plant was till tuesday. I've been spotting them everywhere and their beauty is just captivating. Can you tell me what it's health benefits are?


  2. Way to go, Elizabeth! you came up with some great changes. So impressed that you are making your own batches of kombucha. I am interested in exploring this, but it seems a bit intimidating.


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