Thursday, May 13, 2010

wabi sabi moments...nesting

48 hours of nesting 
in a lovely cabin
in the woods
grizzlies in my mind 
threatened to make me feel guilty
but the birds and the trees
welcomed me home


more wabi sabi moments here


I apologize for my lapse in posting.  I am gearing up for my teleseminar on the Mindful Connection that is this coming Tuesday, May 18th at 8:00pm EST.  You can register by following the above link. I hope you will listen in as I share ways to enrich the sacredness of your everyday life.


  1. I'm looking forward to your seminar...

  2. I think there's a community-wide lapse in posting/commenting in the blog-world. Perhaps many of us are nesting...

  3. I like the part about the grizzlies in your mind. They do tend to come through when all alone...especially, like all alone in the middle of no where. Can't wait for your tele seminar.


  4. How exciting for you! What a great opportunity this tele seminar is for you.


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