Monday, May 24, 2010

where I've hiking

Since I seem to be unable to maintain a regular schedule here, I am going to start a new series called 'where I've been' as a means of catching up after my absence.  

Last week over at threading light I mentioned that a friend recently asked me if I had ever been hiking barefoot.  At first I was like, how??? It seemed like an exercise in self inflicted pain. But I decided to give it a try.  In honor of my first son, I have tried to go somewhere I've never been before on his birthday.  But this year, I had limited time, so I decided to experience something I've never experienced before.  My intention was to soak up the chi and send it out to everyone who read last week's post and now to everyone who reads this one.

So take off your shoes and take a walk with me...

Can you smell the dame's rocket blooming in drifts along the trail and beyond?

Can you feel the slimy mud squish between your toes?

Did your heart skip a beat as the little field mouse darted in front of us on the grassy section of the trail?

Aren't the wild roses delightful?

Isn't it amazing that your bare feet don't even hurt when you walk mindfully? 


This week over at threading light we are talking about change.  I hope you will click on over and share your thoughts on change.


  1. I love this series so much, and I look forward to seeing how this grows.

  2. thinking of you elizabeth, i appreciated this walk with you through the woods and fields... we used to walk barefoot through the forests around where we used to live, it was a delight to walk across the soft carpets of moss that lined the forest floors. xo

  3. I was barefoot today, but just in my yard. I love the feel of the warm earth beneath my feet, but admit I have never imagined hiking barefoot. Sounds like a mindful jaunt.

  4. Thanks for taking us on your barefoot walk.

  5. Lovely...there was a time, when I was young, carefree and immodest that I spent a summer in Idaho and engaged in some naked (yet shod) hiking...until I came across a waist-high patch of nettles.

  6. Love it! We are barefoot hikers! My husband, children and myself really enjoy it. Grounding yourself to the earth like that...oh you inspired me to take one today :)

  7. I have a feeling I'm going to love the "where I've been " series! A beautiful post, thanks for taking me along on your barefoot hike. Perhaps I'll give it a go...

  8. i'm into that, but it does sound sort-of like jumping into a cold cold creek.

    i bet it really does keep you present.


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