Wednesday, June 30, 2010

homemade and semi-homegrown...chinese cabbage, fennel, and daylily salad

I recently read someone say they have a hard time thinning seedlings in their garden.  Well, I have a hard time actually harvesting plants...I mean look at this beautiful fennel.  I've been growing it for months, but I finally decided I better start harvesting some of my veggies before the groundhog (who loves radicchio and beans) eats everything.  So I made a really great salad adapted from this recipe.

We've been eating these wild daylilies in our salads and stuffed with hummus.  They are really yummy that way.  If you haven't tried daylilies, you really should.  They are subtly sweet and crisp.

The chinese cabbage is from the grocery store.  Ours was eaten by flea beetles beyond what I was willing to ignore and eat anyway so it was a green contribution to our compost.  I just used a half a head for this recipe and sliced it into thin slices.

I chopped up the fennel bulb into smallish pieces along with some of the leaves.

I picked the petals off the daylilies (I used three flowers).

And sliced them into thin strips.

I sliced a garlic scape from the garden into small pieces.

I cut half a granny smith apple (all the way from Chile...I keep these on hand for green smoothies but I can't help but think about how far they travel to get to my blender or my cutting board) into julienne strips.

The dressing consisted of 1 tsp. of mustard

juice of half a lemon
(thanks to my assistant juicer who said, "I can do this.  I learned how at school."  
That's the kind of learning we do at our Montessori/Waldorf Nature school.)

and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil whisked together

The results were fabulously flavorful.

Here is another yummy salad recipe with fennel which I might have made if a certain groundhog would not have gotten to the radicchio before I did!


  1. Looks delicious...we've had fried daylilly buds, but now I want to try the flowers! And a Montessor/Waldorf Nature School?? That's been my dream school...I never knew it existed in real life!

  2. you've inspired me to plant some daylilies! and i hear you about harvesting, especially if you have to pull a whole beautiful plant.

  3. Beautiful post with magnifecent pictures. The salad looks like it tasted amazing. Thank you Elizabeth, very inspired now.


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