Monday, June 28, 2010

where we've been...picking raspberries

As another nap alternative we headed to Aunt Judy's house to pick raspberries 
when we needed a break from our regular activities.

Raspberries are a favorite for both of us.

But they require your full presence to is a form of meditation really.

You have to be able to tell by the color which ones are just right, and if you are impatient and careless Miss Raspberry will let you know that she doesn't appreciate your heedlessness.

If you have picked well, your fingers will look like this...

and your bowl will look like this.  YUM!


At threading light this week we are discussing the one thing on this 
planet that makes it uniquely capable of supporting life.  
Come on over and pick up the needle...tell us what you think.


  1. Oh, these look like the "black cap" raspberries we used to forage for on our old Gulf Island property when I was a girl.Reading this and seeing the photos, I was taken back, remembering...bursting out of the barely parked car, after a long ferry trip to reach Mayne Island, my long legs clambering up the rocky bank across the road. Then finding an abundance of fragrant, juicy berries to pick and bring back to my parents in my cupped hand. It was how I met my need for transition, and I recall it vividly. Thank -you! :-)


  2. Gorgeous! We have been devouring fresh raspberries this summer, and putting some away as jam. What do you do with all your berries?

  3. what a beautiful bowl full!
    we have been picking blackberries along the roads and coming home with happy bellies and wild/weed bouquets. This season is so rich with natural treasures!

  4. My raspberry bushes are huge but not very full of berries. I've been told they need more sun so we have to move them. Thankfully my honey doesn't mind building me a new bed so I can move them away from the protection of the side of the house. I hope someday they produce berries just as gorgeous as yours!

  5. yes. mrs. nettle is the same way. and boy did she get me this week while i picked leaves. i chose to do it without gloves on purpose. but she is extra strong right now. and i somehow like the sting. i have never gone raspberry picking though. i want to!!


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