Wednesday, June 23, 2010

take me to the river

this weekend we took a trip north to visit a beautiful creek

there were lots of large rocks to climb on

very cool water to refresh us

we sat midstream and felt the contrast of the warmth of the rocks and the coolness of the water

the water was so clear

we 'planted' trees

and admired persevering life trying to grow out of the rocks

 infinity was carved out of stone by the elements and filled with water from the rain I suppose

I had the thought that this is what Mother Earth is calling us all to do...
to play and splash and rejoice in Her beauty because when we do
 it is impossible not to cherish Her and give thanks for Her
nothing is more healing for us...and I maybe it is healing for Earth too

so...go get wet!.


  1. I really love that last paragraph! Oh, my I dream about water. Your pictures helped smooth out some of the rough edges I acquired today. Thanks.

  2. Ah that looks refreshing! Hooray for summer!

  3. I love the tree Jude is "planting". So cute. I think it is so important for our kids, all kids, to get a chance to connect with nature this way. It feeds their soul.


  4. I appreciate what you wrote Elizabeth.
    The last photo is my favorite, the background reminds me of the rivers around our last home. There is such beauty to be found in nature!

  5. The magic that water calls forth, especially natural sources, that Earth freely gives us! It reminds me to be kind to Her waters, and love them. We get wet in a local creek in the summer, too :-)

  6. Ah, the peace of a river. It washes away trouble and washes inspiration into our lives. What a beautiful day you had. I'm happiest when I'm in the water. Here's to many happy days for all of us this summer! Beautiful! Thank you, Elizabeth!

  7. The Tree Planting is utterly elemental! It'd always worth the occasional stop in your sweet world to make the day that much better!

    Notty Bumbo


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