Wednesday, July 7, 2010

moment of mindfulness... the robin's nest

A few weeks ago, we discovered this beautiful robin's nest in an unplanted window box.  A pheobe had nested there the year before, but Mrs. Robin came along and dumped the old nest off to the ground and rebuilt the entire nest herself.  We had so much fun watching this nest develop, I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the pictures we managed to take when mama and daddy were not around.

four beautiful blue eggs

It was so interesting to watch the mama bird care for these eggs.  When it was rainy and cold she would poof out her body and wings to make a large umbrella to shield the nest.  If anything came near the nest, she instantly flew off so we were really careful to stay away, but we could peak between the blind and the window and see what was happening without disturbing her.

the first hatchling

feed me

I shared this one before, but I really loved this moment.  The baby bird mistook the dark shadow of my camera for its mama and in one fluid motion that happened instantly, it flipped its heavy head back and opened its beak wide.  Who wouldn't want to give that little beak something to eat???

the next day,there were two floppy baby birds

it took two more days before the next egg hatched

we waited and waited for the fourth egg to hatch

meanwhile the three baby's got bigger and grew feathers

the one left behind

I didn't check on the nest for a few days, and when I did I was surprised to see that there was just one little egg left and no baby birds around.  I don't think the baby birds were old enough to fully fledge, but they may have been moved to the roost.  That is my hope at least.

A week or so later, the egg was gone.


Nest usually come into my life when I have a lot of projects coming up or babies.  Right before Jude was born I kept finding nests and hatched eggs.  I even found one when I was at my midwife's house for a visit.  When this last egg didn't hatch at first I does that mean?  But then I thought, how dull life would be if all your eggs hatched and you expended all  your potentiality.  When the egg disappeared I thought it represented all the dreams that might have been, if other paths were not taken.  And it turned out that a lot of things were happening in my life to help me reflect on life choices I've made in the past.  I love when nature reflects what is happening in my life.  I have launched three  projects recently...and they are off and flying.


  1. What beautiful pictures! How lucky you were to have the nest where you could watch it so closely. We have had many robin's nest but never with a view like that.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  2. what a beautiful reflection (as always).

    thank you.

    love + light...


  3. This is just beautiful on every level. Your photos are amazing. Your thoughts wise... Thank you for sharing your experience.

  4. These photos are incredible Elizabeth.
    These eggs and babies are so perfect and precious.
    I wish you well on your projects! xo

  5. gasp! beautiful post elizabeth. both in words and in pictures. you have such a beautiful view of the world. i like being able to spend time in your corner of the world, even if it's only on the screen of my computer!

  6. What a view you had! Enjoyed both photos and words.

  7. i love how you wove your story and the birds! and so careful with your bird nest-watching too! i love being able to see things reflect like that. congrats on all your projects!

  8. Love your discovery (tangible and intangible)!

  9. We love watching the little birdies too! and I loved your sweet pictoral...

  10. Thanks for the update, i was wondering about your robins the other day. How interesting, that nests come into your life at certain times...

  11. omg. i have never seen that in real life. you are attracting some beautiful mirrors from mother nature. i love how you ponder it. i do that.

  12. What a wonderful way to view the nests and the life unfolding. Nests and eggs hold such mystery! I am holding space for these thoughts you've shared. Thanks for the ripples outward...


  13. Oh, that last picture kind of breaks my heart... in a good way. Taking all of life in.

    Thank you.



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