Monday, July 5, 2010

where we've been...camping in the Pennsylvania wilds

This week we headed to the Pennsylvania Wilds to visit with my friend, Lisa and her lovely family.  They were staying in a cabin way back in the wilderness.  

And our kids loved being together.

It was a perfect place for them to be free and inspired.

We walked in the stream and skipped rocks.  Lisa's husband managed to skip a rock the size of hubcap to everyone's amazement.  

After a fun day with friends, Jude and I headed to a nearby state park to camp.  

The campground overlooked this lovely reservoir and was practically deserted.  There were only four other sites being used so even though it was a state park it felt really remote.

The next day we visited the stream below the dam for a bit.

But the highlight of our day was when we veered off the main byway and headed up to another state park, Hyner View.  Living on a creek as we do and having a former Environmental Studies teacher as a mom, Jude knows quite a bit about watersheds.  He asked me as we drove along this river, whether our creek flowed into it.  So the whole trip became a watershed lesson because in fact our creek does flow into this river about 90 miles south of here.  And he knows that is the river that we see when we cross a bridge in a nearby town that we visit a couple of times a week when we get our groceries and visit friends.  The water we played in the day before with Lisa's family flows into this river.  Nothing like flowing water to help you feel connected and interdependent.

When we got up to Hyner View, a hang glider was just taking off, and Jude was captivated by the flying which looked like dancing in the clouds from where we stood.

This is my favorite picture from that series.  I have no idea where I was when I took this picture or what Jude is actually looking at, but I love his expression.  We were all lost in the clouds I suppose.

Now we are back to earth, but it was dreamy.


We are talking about the magic of forests over at threading light this week. Come join us...


  1. what an awesome adventure! you guys live in a very beautiful part of the world. i'll trade you my beaches for your forests, creeks, and rivers for a week! it's so nice to see you and lisa meeting up together. and i love your favorite shot of your son too. his face is precious. : )

  2. we have some friends here in our town who are educators and they opened their first school a few years ago. it's called the watershed school. i had never heard that term before. i was not an environmental studies major. engineering and fine arts. ha.

    i love it that you have a real life connection from blogging. loveitsomuch!!! and the kids.

    your photos made me feel how special this earth is. and your strong grip on jude's hand makes me remember how much i love being a mom. thanks so much.

  3. Sweet, Elizabeth! Did you and Lisa know each other before blogs or is that how you met?
    Beautiful scenery, Pennsylvania!

  4. I love these photos especially the second to the last one. Such a beautiful photo. It's so great that you and Lisa met up with the kids and could share such a special time. Thanks again for the mothering workshop. It really changed and shifted me and the way I see things. I'm heading over to threading light and seeing what the magic of the forest holds. My forest is harkening the return of the little foxes. gosh am i happy! Be well and stay in the clouds. It's beautiful up there.

  5. Beautiul pictures, beautiful family! I just stumbled across your blog via Soulemama. I'm sure I'll be back :o)

  6. Oh what fun to go visit Lisa! I imagine you all had a grand time. And the photos off all the kids together on that road are great. How cool to see a hang glider. Once my husband and I got to the top of a rock climb to find a couple of guys getting ready to base jump. Now THAT was a sight to see!

  7. It was so so great to meet up again and spend some time with you guys. I love how well the kids get together! Too bad the kite wouldn't fly. Another time...another time.


  8. oh so beautiful! now i know where you were coming from! this gives me that full-lung open-air earth feeling too! i love the look of your remote campsite.


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