Friday, January 14, 2011

where we've been...snow dancing, fly by, and ice busting

look how big my shadow gets in the winter
today, I was butting heads with her all day
she was anxious and pushy

so I went outside and danced in the snow
and made an interesting pattern
it felt good

then Jude started dancing in the snow
and his patterns were different

and we liked that

snow dancing is fun...we highly recommend it
for your body and soul

then I snuck down to the creek while Jude
wasn't looking
and bravely walked out
onto the ice
it cracked the first few times
I took a step out there
but then I found a solid patch
that felt good
to be on the edge
but secure

a little later
we ventured down together
and invented a new game
called fly by

you dig the biggest rock you can find
out of the snow
and heave it out

onto the ice
it makes the coolest sound

it is so fun to see if you can make it slide
all the way to water

it's also fun to try to bust
the ice with rocks
actually that ended up being
more fun
at least to Jude
this little boy of mine 
loves destruction

and hot chocolate does my shadow

what are you doing to keep your winter shadow tame?


  1. Fly by sounds like a fun does snow dancing!!!!

  2. hmmmmm, just saw me some live music, nice country folky bluegrassy soulful music.....that tames her really well. and knitting a bit. and just rolling along with it. a really stinky guy came and sat next to us at the movie theater tonight. the movie was sold out, so there was nowhere to move to. we just accepted that we had to leave. and ended up going to see the live music. rolling. that was fun. it's not always so fun, but when it is, after you think it's not feeling so fun, that is fun. fun.

    you are a crazy mama going out there on that ice!!!! you edgy woman. wish i could play with you!

  3. Yup, boys and destruction. Somehow they go hand in hand. We have been indoor dancing, but will have to try snow dancing. Sounds (and looks) fun.


  4. Love the 'fly by'! and a perfect kids have been asking for hot chocolate every day they play in the snow....I'm trying to switch it up with some herbal tea w/ milk and honey...not as popular as hot choc. but enjoyable.

  5. We've been exploring the snow, too, though less frequently, as it visits and leaves quickly ;-) walking to and fro with chickens about, feeding critters around the farm and in the parks, breaking ice, sliding on ice, measuring ice and breaking more ice. Being outdoors here in the rainy PNW has its' frustrating moments, like when the longed for snow is slush by morning, or the rain doesn't stop for days in a row, but it has its' delights too! We look for those every day. Inside we've listened to Little House on audio CD, baked things, fried apples in cinnamon, I've taken up my knitting (again), my boy has sorted his knitting WIP's and had resumed finishing one (yay!), the youngest has learned to finger knit, we undecorated from December and tidied. Winter is settling around us and I'm enjoying it!

    Seed catalogues are on the way too! :-)

    ~Erin xo

  6. Love the Fly By. We have been doing some "Find something like these" games, but we will be adding this to our list :).


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