Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my boy the mystic

 see this boy of mine
see his beautiful smile
one thing I almost never notice anymore
is his left eye
it doesn't fully open

a friend told me once
that it means that he is a mystic
he looks at the world differently
than the rest of us

the other day he said to me,
 "my heart is saying
he wants my prayer
 to be long into the night."

a few days later he said,
"I hear your heart
dreaming about being
a shooting star"...
not only does he see differently
than the rest of us
he hears differently too

 my friend asked him why
he came here
and his reply,
"to be a silly goose"

at the age of almost 5
he is a master
of many things


we are leaving this week to rejoin the 13 moon walk 4 peace in texas
not sure how much I'll be popping in here
but you can check out the 13 moon walk 4 peace site
to see photos and check our progress
and you may have noticed I now have a portfolio at redbubble
where I'll be selling cards and prints of my photos

love, blessings, and peace~ elizabeth


  1. Jude is so wonderful! What great things come out of his little heart! Have fun in TX!

  2. He has a magical heart. I hope he keeps it that way and shares it with the world.

  3. beautiful boy, beautiful words, beautiful pictures! a mystic indeed. i love that you shared this with us.

  4. Wow...what an incredible soul. He's beautiful, inside and out. Safe travels to TX. xo

  5. Enjoy the walk.
    Your son is beautiful and lucky to be filled with mysticism...

  6. J is a beautiful child, inside and out. I had goosebumps reading that! I have had a few people comment when meeting my oldest that he is an "indigo child". I never really understood what they meant, but his soul too, seems old and wise, far wiser than mine so often. They (our children) are gifts, preciously handled and turned out to the world.

    Be well,

    ~Erin xo

  7. Oh too sweet. I love these intune children we have! They always make life so interesting don't they?!


  8. Wishing you safe, wonderful journeying, side-by-side with your sweet boy!


  9. I just found this space and I am so very happy indeed that I did. Your boy is so very wise and beautiful and Here. What a different place this ol' Mama Earth may be if we had more souls like this little one leading the way. Let's hope for more:)
    xo Jules

  10. Reading this post for the first time. I am amazed. What an amazing soul you're raising. His perspective is gorgeous.


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