Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a 13 moon calendar for you...

In celebration of summer and my article, Turtle Time, being featured in Rhythm of the Home today, I decided to give everyone the opportunity to have a 13 moon perpetual calendar. You can download the pdf calendar by clicking on the link below.

For those of you who have popped over from ROTH after reading my article "Turtle Time", welcome! This calendar will help you find the current day on the 13 moon calendar. If you create the Turtle Time 13 Moon Calendar with your kiddos I'd love to hear how it went, and please post a link in the comment section if you end up blogging about your experience. I'd love to pay you a visit.

13 Moon Perpetual Calendar PDF


  1. I love your posting on Rhythm of the Home regarding the moon calendar and using a turtle to portray the dates and phases. I however wasn't able to download the pdf file and was wondering if you could send me a copy via email? If you can my email is
    Mama Kerr

  2. Muchas gracias
    my people in my country also use 13 moon calendar, we are "mapuches" la gente de la tierra.

  3. Such a beautiful calendar. Thank you so much. Love your article over at ROTH.

  4. Dear Elizabeth,

    Thank you so much for your article and the calendar here. I'm gathering some books to read to my DD and DS about the 13 moon calendar and then we are going to get started. This is opening up a whole summer study of Native American folk tales, not to mention the whole notion of tracking time in closer accordance with Mother Earth. Your article on ROTH is such an inspiration to me, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insight.


  5. There is an interesting book I came across while researching for this article called 13 moons on a turtle's back:

    I also created a version of the calendar that does not have names for the moons because I thought it would be great to have children name the moons themselves after whatever is relevant for them at that time of the year. If anyone is interested in that version just send me an email: elizablessed [at] yahoo [dot] com

  6. We colored out turtle today to get ready for the new cycle in a few days. Could you explain how/when we move the foot object to the different moons? Do we switch to clock-wise after the full moon in order to return to the new moon? I am quite out of sync with the moon as you can tell. Thanks!

  7. just have to start paying attention to the moon or you can cheat and look at ;)

  8. Como regentes das treze lunações, as Treze Matriarcas protegem a Mãe Terra e todos os seres vivos, seus atributos individuais sendo as dádivas trazidas por elas à Terra.
    O símbolo da Mãe Terra é a Tartaruga e seu casco, formado de treze segmentos, simboliza o calendário lunar.

    Seguindo essa informação idealizei uma tartaruga contendo as 13 matriarcas em seu interior

    Conta a lenda que, no início da no nosso planeta, havia abundância de alimentos e igualdade entre os sexos e as raças.

    Mas, aos poucos, a ganância pelo ouro levou à competição e à agressão, a violência resultante desviou a Terra de sua órbita, levando-a a cataclismos e mudanças climáticas. Em consequência, para que houvesse a purificação necessária do planeta, esse primeiro mundo foi destruído pelo fogo.
    Assim, com o intuito de ajudar em um novo início e restabelecer o equilíbrio perdido, a Mãe Cósmica, manisfestada na Mãe Terra e na Vovó Lua, deu à humanidade um legado de amor, perdão e compaixão, resguardado no coração das mulheres.
    Para isso, treze partes do Todo representando as treze lunações de um ciclo solar e atributos de força, beleza, poder e mistério do Sagrado Feminino foram enviadas como as "Treze Mães das Tribos Originais", representando os princípios da energia feminina manifestados nos aspectos da Mãe Terra e da Vovó Lua.

    Cada uma por si só e todas em conjunto, começaram a agir para devolver às mulheres a força do amor e o bálsamo do perdão e da compaixão que iriam redimir a humanidade. Essa promessa de perfeição e ascensão iria se manifestar em um novo mundo de paz e iluminação, quando os filhos da Terra teriam aprendido todas as lições e alcançado a sabedoria.

    Cada Matriarca detinha no seu coração o conhecimento e a visão e no seu ventre a capacidade de gerar os sonhos. Na Terra, elas formaram um conselho chamado "A Casa da Tartaruga"

    Eu, fico por aqui "inventando" minhas artes para que através do Lúdico, as mulheres possam resgatar o contato com essa ancestralidade maravilhosa.

    will be a gift for me!!

  9. translation of last comment...
    As rulers of the thirteen lunations the Matriarchs Thirteen protect Mother Earth and all living beings, their individual attributes and the gifts they brought to earth. The symbol of Mother Earth is the turtle and its shell, composed of thirteen segments, symbolizes the lunar calendar. Following this information envisioned a turtle containing 13 matriarchs inside Legend has it that at the beginning of our planet, there was plenty of food and equality between sexes and races. But gradually, the greed for gold led to competition and aggression, violence resulting shifted the Earth from its orbit, causing it to disasters and climate change. Consequently, to achieve a necessary cleansing of the planet, the first world was destroyed by fire. Thus, in order to help with a new beginning and restore the lost balance, the Cosmic Mother, manifest on Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon, has given mankind a legacy of love, forgiveness and compassion, guarded the hearts of women. To this end, thirteen parts of the whole representing the thirteen lunations of a solar cycle and attributes of strength, beauty, power and mystery of the Sacred Feminine were sent as the "Mother of the Thirteen Original Tribes", representing the principles of energy manifested in the feminine aspects of Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon Each one by itself and all together they began to act to restore to women the power of love and the balm of forgiveness and compassion that would redeem mankind. This promise of perfection and ascension would manifest itself in a new world of peace and enlightenment, when the sons of the Earth would have learned all the lessons and wisdom attained. Each Matriarch had in his heart the knowledge and vision in her womb and the ability to generate dreams. On Earth, they formed a council called "The House of the Turtle" I'm here, "inventing" my gear so that through the play, women can redeem up with this wonderful ancestry. visit will be a gift for me!

  10. Wow, I was thinking of creating a 13 month calendar with my childrenonly the other day and didn't know where to start and then a link to your website dropped into my inbox! The universe answers quickly....

    My girls have had great fun putting the turtle together this morning and colouring him in.

    Only problem is I can't download the dates calendar so that I can see what day we're currently on. Could you email it to me, please?

  11. I just can't figure this calendar out. Doesn't the moon have a 29 day cycle. I've been counting days on the calendars at and the numbers aren't working for me. I count 29 day from the day after a full moon to the next full moon. Please help, somebody. I want to do this calendar with my class, but i need to understand it first. Thanks!

  12. Just to follow up on your question...the 13 moon calendar is based on the fact that the moon revolves around earth 13 times in the time that earth orbits the sun. If you divide 13 into 365.25 you get 28.096. That extra not quite 1/10 of a day is accounted for by the Day Out of Time in the 13 Moon system. Here is a good link to explain the complexity with the number of days from full moon to full is technically 28 days 8 hours. But because the earth changes its position in that time period it takes an extra day for the moon to appear full again.
    I hope this helps! You can shoot me an email if you more questions... elizablessed[at]yahoo[dot]com Peace and blessings~elizabeth


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