Thursday, June 9, 2011

more lessons from turtle

it isn't too surprising that turtle is showing up bigtime in my life right now

last week I taught a group of middle school students about the 13 moon calendar
and I just happened to rescue a small woods turtle the day before
earlier this week Jude and I discovered a larger woods turtle laying eggs in the garden

the next day we found this box turtle laying her eggs on the mountain

what does turtle have to teach us right now?
she is reminding us to have grace and perserverance
these times are challenging right now for each of us in our own unique ways

she is also teaching us about the power of our intention
right now is a huge window of potentiality
lay your eggs wisely
think your thoughts carefully
what do you want????

focus on that
bury those eggs
and walk away slowly
in full faith
that those eggs
aligned with your highest good...
will soon hatch


  1. I like this...the thoughts...and the fact that you used my maiden name as your final word! :)

  2. Oooh, wow. Turtle. I have always loved turtle.

    I've been visited by some other shelled creatures recently. Lovely spirit synchronicity. So many messages, and beauty.

    Grace Becoming

  3. Love this post! I just recently crocheted a "bale" of turtles, and have been basically fascinated with them, the more I read about them. From there, I learned about the 13 moon calendar, which is ALSO very interesting to me, and by this I came to stumble upon your blog! Love the posts I've read so far, and hope to visit here again soon! ~tina


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