Saturday, August 13, 2011

a splinter in the foot of the planet

pulling a splinter out of

jude’s foot this morning

he is in agony

i am in agony

i know i have to continue

he is begging me to stop

i know in order to get it out

he will scream louder

he will be in more pain

and it will require even more


on my part

to be successful

in these agonizing moments

i got a tiny glimpse

into the heart of Mother Earth

she is agonizing too

agonizing over

all the suffering

her children are enduring

agonizing over

all the suffering

she is enduring

yet resolved to

dig deeper

to reach

a place






  1. i loved that metaphor, and i, too agonize over the pain mother earth experiences, over the pain *I* cause her when my excess becomes her excess simply because i decide i don't want the excess anymore.

    so many lessons to work on, to heal ourselves, our habits and support her. :)

  2. Beautifully put. Stopping by to catch up. Your site is always at peace.


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