Tuesday, July 26, 2011

happy new year!

Happy new year according to the 13 Moon Calendar! I spent the most amazing time in peaceburg (pittsburgh) this weekend meeting up with the 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace team and walking 2 different labyrinths in one day on the Day Out of Time. Amazingly, the second labyrinth was a Skywalker labyrinth and according to the Dreamspell calendar (a particular kind of 13 moon calendar) the day a was Red Overtone Skywalker...such synchronicities...wow! And that was how the whole weekend was. Lots of synchronicities, love, peace...a few miracles too!

I completed the calendar above right before the end of the year, and it will be available hopefully today or tomorrow in my etsy shop.  Until then, my wall calendars featuring my photography are available there.  You can also download my free calendar or better yet...visit rhythm of the home to make one with your children.  Get one, make one and get into rhythm!  Blessings and peace~ Elizabeth


  1. Hello Dear Elizabeth and happy new year! what a beautiful calendar. I've loved following your 13 moon journey. It's so inspiring. Here's to you and a wonderful new year.

  2. oh my gosh. i clicked to read about the calendar and saw your photo of the real turtle and it sparked made me remember a dream i had last night. of a turtle. that had been surviving on practically nothing, like dust, for a very very long time. and i came across it, and maybe i helped it move into a nicer place with more than just dust, but i marveled at the creature. it was a miracle.

    i've never seen this calendar before. i am so into it. esp. after just having my cycle so tweaked by having an iud in for 6 months. i've had two lovely 28 day cycles since i had it taken out. wow. i appreciate the 28 day rhythm so so so much now, i see it differently after having a 23 day one for 6 months. 2 much information? anyways. i love the calendar. i want to make one. i hope i do soon. thanks so much for the dream spark!

  3. I just discovered your post at ROTH. Stopped by to tell you how lovely the turtle calendar is! Love it!

  4. question. the start of every year is July 26th? We follow the Hebrew calendar to some extent (also lunar), but the new year always starts a little differently each year, and in March or April...depending.

  5. there are many different calendars to follow. the one I created is based on José Argüelles interpretation of the Mayan 13 Moon Calendar. I'm not familar with the Hebrew calendar, but my limited understanding is that because it uses 12 lunar months it is actually 11 shorter than a solar year so there is a 13th month thrown when the difference gets close to 30 days to sync it up so that passover continues to coincide with spring. I guess that would affect when the beginning of the year would occur. Thanks for checking out the 13 moon calendar I created for children. blessings and peace~ elizabeth

  6. Ok.. one last comment/question. By the thirteen moon calendar, or in "Turtle Time", is this year still referred to as "2012", or by some other number?? ~tina


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